“One of the main reasons for our success in transport is our staff members who not only live Sutherland but also eat, sleep and dream it because they believe in the importance of the service we provide.” 

So says Dawie van der Westhuizen as he acknowledges the value of his staff’s dedicated care for the trucks. While it is the norm for commercial truck owners to sell their trucks every 700 000 – 800 000 Km’s, Sutherland Transport can report on a truck that makes a successful exception having clocked up 1,189 000 kms at the time of going to press.

The unit is exclusively driven by Chris de Bruyn who has taken care of Volvo FH12 460, CZZ 092 EC since it was purchased by Sutherland Transport in August 2003. Sutherland’s CEO, Dawie van der Westhuizen, has no immediate plans to say goodbye to this mature lady.

This unit is transporting heavy goods over long distances and frequently runs routes as far as Windhoek. The company operates out of Port Elizabeth as well as to all SA’s major towns and to Botswana. Meticulous service schedules are followed and the records show that this grand old lady has cost only R179 160.00 in spare parts and maintenance charges; clearly demonstrating that long-term Volvo ownership is a reliable option for transport companies.

DAWIE VAN DER WESTHUIZEN is the CEO of Sutherland Transport