Welcome to Sutherland Transport

We are a highly diversified, intercity road transporter that has developed its expertise and services into specialised container handling, de-stuffing, warehousing and distribution.

At Sutherland transport we take the art of road transport very seriously. Our unique Advanced Road Transport System, (A.R.T.S) offers customers a guaranteed standard of delivery that’s on a completely different level.
It’s not just about A to B, but about A to Z. It’s about improving your efficiencies. And finding the optimum logistics solution to every challenge. That’s how we’ve earned our reputation as the road transporter of choice in the PE-Gauteng corridor. Especially for importers, who can benefit from less congestion than at Durban, efficient de­stuffing of containers, cost-saving point-to-point distribution and in-transit warehousing.
“One of the main reasons for our success in transport is our team members who not only live Sutherland but also eat, sleep and dream it because they believe in the importance of the service we provide.”
We have the people and the experience you can rely on. Nothing is too much trouble and there is no challenge we can’t rise to. It’s all about … setting higher standards
To us delivery is not just a point-to-point thing … rather, it makes a point of how we do things. Our growth has been largely due to the extra care we take of our customers’ on-site safety precautions as well as en-route security and risk management.
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We use State Of The Art Technology
to monitor our vehicles:

  • REAL TIME Satellite Tracking.
  • In-cab & road focussed camera surveilance using 2 way radios.
  • Harsh Driving & Lateral Motion Detectors are fitted and monitored.
  • Cell-phones are fitted to each vehicle.

“Every success is based on the ability to do more than, good enough!”
– Anon –